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Minister finds solace in shepherd's hut

A Yorkshire minister's built his very own shepherd's hut to give him space for prayer and reflection in a busy world. 

Rev Rob Hilton, from Christchurch Methodist Church in Ilkley used recycled materials to create the structure during his 3 month sabbatical.

The project was part of his journey in finding out what it means to be a shepherd as part of his calling as a minister.

Speaking on Premier's News Hour, he said: "As a minister ordained 22 years ago, I found myself reflecting on what shepherding means.

"Jesus was described as The Good Shepherd and ministers are shepherds of their flock."

Rev Hilton also spent part of his sabbatical with farmers to get a better understanding of what it means to be a shepherd.

He's named the hut Hilda after his favourite saint and although it'll be primarily used by him, he's open to others benefitting from it.

"Originally it was just for me but I started posting progress on Facebook and I was amazed by the interest shown by all sorts of people... so I'm open if anybody wants to come to be sit and still and quiet and pray."


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